Midway Session Members Accuse Midway Guardian of Spreading Rumors of Adultery About Senior Pastor David Hall

The Midway Guardian has never accused anybody at Midway of having an affair. Here is our record. Be a Berean and judge for yourself like discerning Christians.

The Midway Guardian has learned that Elder Scott Keesee has e-mailed the following letter to several members of the church. Yes, this is the same Elder Keesee that falsely prosecuted Elder Phil Dudt and the same elder that is praying for the utter destruction of the editors of this website.

Here’s is what Scott had to say:

During our stated session meeting of Monday night, we were informed that there has been a petition for a congregational meeting specifically for the purpose of recalling Pastor David Hall. I want to thank you, those in my shepherding group (all of you who are receiving this email) for not signing the petition! I also want you to know that lies of the devil have gone forth from members of the congregation that say that Pastor David Hall is preaching heresy and has had an extramarital affair! Lies like these are being broadcast on the Midway Guardian and are being broadcast through our congregation, thus the petition accumulating enough signatures to garner a congregational meeting. In keeping with the BCO (Book of Church Order), there will probably be a congregational meeting, and I humbly implore you to be in attendance when the meeting is announced. It is very easy to say "I do not want to get involved". I understand completely! But please know that there are definitely wolves in sheep’s clothing that have slandered and continue to defame Pastor Hall. We must stand for righteousness and truth as has been preached faithfully from the pulpit for many, many years. Please join with me in praying for this whole situation. 

Once again, I truly thank you for searching out the truth and listening and learning from Godly men who teach and preach the gospel faithfully every Sunday from the pulpit.

If you need to talk with me directly, please call me.

I stand united with you and pray God’s blessing on you and your family!
Scott Keesee

We have noted that abuse of authority can lead to sexual abuse, even as we stated that we saw no evidence of such at Midway Presbyterian Church. The Midway Guardian even gave the Midway Session an “A” in our report card on their qualifications for office in the category of “husband of one wife.”

But accusing anyone, much less the senior pastor, of adultery? We encourage you to show us where we have said such things.

Spreading False Rumors

Mr. Keesee should be more careful about spreading false rumors about men. Somebody may believe them. Unfortunately, Mr. Keesee is not the only elder spreading such misinformation. The Midway Guardian has also learned that sitting elders are badgering church members for signing the petition to recall David Hall. We now remind the Session that signing such a petition is a right afforded in chapter 25 of the Book of Church Order. It also follows Dr. Terry Johnson’s instruction from the father day’s sermon he delivered on June 19th.

As we have said before, if you believe there is anything on The Midway Guardian that is not true, please contact us and we will correct it.

  • Will Mr. Keesee provide any evidence that this website has made such a claim?
  • If not, will Mr. Keesee correct his false statements?
  • Will Mr. Keesee ever apologize for falsely prosecuting RE Phil Dudt?
  • Will sitting session members continue to badger signers of the petition?

If RE Keesee and the other Midway Session members spreading false rumors know there is no evidence on this website to support their allegations, then you have to consider the possibility that Keesee and others are using them as pretext for manipulating people.

Otherwise, you need to wonder if he and other men like him have lost all ability to conduct themselves according to the basic norms of Christian charity, and certainly to the requirements of office of elder (above reproach, sober minded, self-controlled, not quarrelsome, not violent but gentle). At the least, these men ought to recognize that no accusation should be admitted without substantiation (Deut. 19:15; 2 Cor. 13:1).

One thing we all know is the Midway Session needs prayer. Please pray for those men, all 14 of them.