RAGE! Midway Elder Lashes Out “May God have mercy on your souls”

Apparently, one of Midway’s elders practices a strange form of disagreement…

“Psalm 94:23 He will repay them for their sins and destroy them for their wickedness; the Lord our God will destroy them.

Praying that God will utterly destroy those behind the guardian. May God have mercy on your souls.”

Email sent to the Midway Guardian claiming to be from RE Scott Keesee of Midway Presbyterian Church

The Editorial Board of The Midway Guardian received this message allegedly from Midway Ruling Elder Scott Keesee. Readers may recall that RE Keesee was the prosecutor in the failed case against RE Philip Dudt – the false charges of which were overturned by the Standing Judicial Commission of the PCA for being unbiblical, without basis, and without evidence. They may also recall that it was RE Keesee who prayed for God to “destroy” the individuals behind The Midway Guardian from the church pulpit.

The phrase “May God have mercy on your soul” historically has been uttered by judges in court pronouncing a death sentence upon a person found guilty of a crime deserving of such punishment. The Midway Guardian has repeatedly called for its readers to pray for the repentance of the members of the Midway Session and Senior Pastor David Hall. We do not wish the destruction of anyone. Only their sincere repentance and restoration if it be God’s will.

The Editorial Board commends the preceding verses of Psalm 94 to RE Keesee (if it really was him) – for they describe who the Psalmist is referring to that should be destroyed. It is those who “band together against the righteous”, “wicked rulers” who “decree injustice”, and “condemn the innocent.”

If this email really is from RE Keesee, then we pray for his eyes to be opened to his sin of bringing a false charge based on a false decree that condemned his innocent brother brother RE Philip Dudt to unjust punishment.

RE Scott Keesee’s (alleged) message to The Midway Guardian is a sad yet accurate testament to what many have discovered over the years at Midway Presbyterian Church: if you disagree with the leadership you will be threatened and mistreated. It is this sort of uncharitable attitude from “church shepherds” that prompts anonymous rebuttals to spiritual abuse