Father’s Day Letter to the Editor

Here’s a letter from a reader that captures the sentiment felt by many after this morning’s worship service at Midway:

Dear Editor,

The week of Thanksgiving there was a trial.

The week of Christmas there was a trial.

Here we are on Father’s day. Instead of hearing the gospel or a sermon honoring fathers and their importance, we hear a diatribe in defense of David Hall and his session.

Why is there a Midway Guardian? How else can the truth be presented to the congregation when the senior pastor and session control the communication?

If anyone speaks up opposing their views, then cancel culture is enforced.

If my family would have come from out of town to be with their dad on Father’s Day & to attend worship with him, we would have been outraged by today’s “sermon”.

Thanksgiving week, the session’s focus was not about family unity.

Christmas week, the session’s focus was not on the birth of our Savior.

And here we are on Father’s day listening to a “sermon” attacking these so-called wolves.

June 19, 2022 Email to The Midway Guardian by one of our loyal readers.