Pray for the members of the Midway Session

Those men are clearly in sin and they need to repent.

Ten days have passed since the Standing Judicial Commission handed down their unanimous decision to acquit RE Phil Dudt. The SJC found an unprecedented twenty-two errors against the Midway Session and the Northwest Georgia Presbytery including fabricating evidence, falsehoods in the indictment, and making clearly unbiblical charges.

It has been ten days since that decision was final and there has been no apology from either the Session or the Presbytery, not even from the chairman of the Presbytery’s judicial commission that made eight errors in how he handled the Dudt case. Never in the history of the Presbyterian Church in America has there been anything close to this many errors in one case.

The men involved in unbiblically prosecuting Phil Dudt, as all of us, are in desperate need of the Savior. If the men on the Session and in the Presbytery are truly Christians, we need to pray that they repent of their terrible sins surrounding the attack on their brother Phil Dudt. If they are not Christians, we need to pray for their salvation.

In spite of the SJC decision, the Session is still moving forward with the unbiblical trials against RE Clay David, RE Don Barrett, and RE James Scott. The basis of those charges were violation of the now officially unconstitutional Talley Resolution, but the charges have not been dropped.

We also need to pray for the four faithful servants that have been unjustly attacked by both the Session and Presbytery. All four of these men were given many talents from our Lord and, as faithful servants, they all have multiplied those talents many times during their years of service.

One again we encourage you to read these profiles. We know of no laymen in the NWGP that has served as faithfully as these four men:

Faithful Servant Don Barnett

Faithful Servant Clay David

Faithful Servant Phil Dudt

Faithful Servant James Scott