The Midway Guardian Exceeds 30,000 Views in July

Spanning PCA presbyteries across the United States from coast to coast, readers are still flocking to The Midway Guardian.

Yet again, this site has hit a new milestone by exceeding 30,000 views in one month, and once again, this number included visitors from all over the world.   Last fall, we announced that we hit 2,500 views in one week. At that time, the vast majority of our readers were from Cobb and Paulding counties in Georgia; however, now our readers are spread throughout the entire country. We continue to received encouraging notes from our many readers and we appreciate every one of you.

As we did last fall, we would like to relink the article that started it all:

Controversial Overture 2 Authored by Midway is Defeated at General Assembly

Reconsidering this first article, it is apparent that, sadly, a theme of assigning motive to fellow brothers combined with a willful neglect to verify serious claims has characterized senior leadership at Midway Presbyterian Church for some time. There appears to be an integrity issue with the men that authored the defeated overture 2. Interestingly enough, the authors of that overture are the same men who used similar tactics in dealings with their own members. The Midway Guardian has now documented those tactics, in over 200 articles, on this website.

It is in the spirit of accountability and transparency in Christ’s Church, The Midway Guardian plans to continue to shine the light of truth on the unjust actions of and spiritual abuse committed by the Midway Session whenever it comes to our attention.

Stay tuned.