Midway Guardian Not the Source of the Church-Wide Mailer

Despite inquiries to the contrary, The Midway Guardian is not responsible for the flyer that went out to church members.

The Editorial Board of The Midway Guardian did receive copies of the letter/infographic that was mailed to members of Midway Presbyterian Church. After review, The Midway Guardian finds the document to be a factual and faithful representation of what has transpired to date against RE Phil Dudt.

Multiple Midway members have already forwarded mailings from Midway Elders in response that refer to the mailer as “demonic” and “satanic.” The Session calls the mailing a divisive act, but it should be remembered that the divisive acts started, and are perpetuated to this day, by the Midway Session and David Hall’s abuse of church discipline and violations of church polity. The forwarded messages from certain Elders are replete with fear-mongering accusations of sin that neither counter the mailing’s point, nor contain a single fact. This sort of messaging from the Session serves but a single point: since truth is not on their side, sew fear of eternal damnation into the sheep so they will fall in line out of fear. That is not the method that a wise shepherd uses. That is the tactic of dictators and authoritarians.

We simply ask that you, our brothers and sisters, to be Bereans. Look into these things yourselves. The facts speak for themselves. Remember the words of Scripture:

He who answers a matter before he hears it, It is folly and shame to him.

Proverbs 18:13

Below is a copy of the church-wide mailer that was sent to The Midway Guardian: