Nothing Sacred: Divisive Midway Trial Continues through Christmas Week

Does a controversial secret trial distract from the “Reason for the Season”?

The latest phase of the secret trial of RE Clay David at Midway Presbyterian Church continued this week despite its proximity to Christmas. The trial has drawn attention for its divisive nature as the Session has denied the accused (among other things) a reference to a higher court, an open trial, and a professional court recorder. The circumstances of the trial have also been the catalyst for three additional complaints alleging that the Session is violating the rules prescribed in the Book of Church Order (BCO) of the PCA for the manner in which they are conducting judicial proceedings.

The duration of RE Clay David’s trial remains unknown but is it has been said that it is likely to continue for months. Upon the conclusion of his trial, RE Clay David will be followed by RE Don Barnett and RE James Scott – these other ruling elders having also been indicted and suspended by the Session for the same manmade offense.

Don’t be Distracted from Christmas Celebration

It is a tragic circumstance that the Session chose to proceed with a trial that they know is actively dividing their congregation the week of Christmas. Lest their distraction continue into this week, The Midway Guardian wants to remind readers what members on the Session of Midway Presbyterian Church, its members, and Christians everywhere should be focused on at this special time of year: the birth of Jesus Christ.

A Reminder of Why We Celebrate Christmas

While Christians often repeat the mantra that Jesus is the “Reason for the Season,” drawing attention to His birth, they should remember that this event was so much more than the birth of a child. It was the Incarnation of God himself! The Scripture affirms that the “Word became flesh and dwelt among us“. Jesus Christ’s birth triggered a supremely important phase in God’s redemptive plan for mankind and set the stage for His ministry and the conquering of sin and death on the cross.

Do not forget this Christmas season that Jesus is Lord. The promised Messiah of Israel, the Lord’s anointed, came to deliver His chosen people and make all things new. This same Jesus remains Lord to this day, and as our most holy sovereign, will come again with glory to judge the living and the dead and His kingdom will have no end.

Readers this is good news! Who do you know this Christmas season who needs to hear this truth? Will you be intentional and share the Gospel this Christmas?