Did Midway Session Majority Members Scheme Against RE Dudt?

A new video from a former Midway associate pastor reveals chilling details about the Dudt trial…

When forces of darkness are actively working to suppress the truth, then anyone who tries to bring the truth to light risks becoming a target.

This is why we need to be in prayer for Pastor Mic Knox, who honors the Lord by his example, possibly at great personal risk.

In a recent and powerful episode of The Spiritual Fitness Show on the topic of forgiveness, Pastor Knox shared a personal account in which he needed to ask a brother for forgiveness. That brother’s name, he said, was Phil Dudt.

Shepherds lead the flock, and if sheep in the flock are supposed to repent and ask for forgiveness, then the shepherds should be examples leading the way.

“This brother is a good man, a godly man,” said Knox. But he sinned against Dudt, he said, when he caved to the pressure of his peers.


“But I was put in a situation where I allowed myself to be a coward,” he said. “Allowed myself to be influenced by other men that have the fear of man instead of the fear of God. I allowed men to dictate what I should do instead of what the Word of God tells me I should do.”

Knox’s next few statements are chilling.

Knox admits that he “played the role of a puppet, and I followed cleverly devised schemes of men.”

He goes on, explaining that “a group of men sinned against Phil Dudt. They took him through an all-night trial. All-night trials are never a good idea. I think they’re referenced in the Bible; what do you think?”

He’s referring to the Sanhedrin’s secret, midnight trial of Jesus, of course, which was the most unjust trial in history.

Knox admits that “what I did was weak. What I did was nefarious and wicked. And forgiveness was not extended to anyone. And it took me months of wrestling with God the Holy Spirit who convicted me of my sin.”

If what Knox did, by going along with the schemes of a “group of men,” was nefarious and wicked, then how much worse are the actions of the men who did the scheming?

These men can only be men on the Midway Session, and most likely among those in the majority that convicted RE Dudt of his alleged offenses.


As a reminder to Midway Guardian readers, on the first charge, the Session majority convicted RE Dudt by a vote of 10-2 with 1 abstention, and on the second charge, RE Dudt was found guilty by a vote of 11-2.

Pastor Knox was a member of the session at that time, along with pastors Hall, Harrington, and Barry. There were 16 elders total. RE Keesee, as prosecutor, did not get to vote. RE David defended RE Dudt, so neither could vote. RE Scott asked that his vote against both motions be recorded, so the final dissenting vote likely came from RE Barnett. David, Scott, and Barnett have since been indicted by the Session majority and suspended from their duties in a series of on-going trials.

The Moderator, TE David Hall, therefore, also voted to convict.

Knox resigned his position from the Midway session in June of 2021, surrendering his stable salary in order to pursue the preaching of the Gospel in Cobb County. It takes a man of conviction and integrity to surrender his salary when faced with immorality.

“No one can serve two masters,” said Jesus, “for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money” (Mat. 6:24).

Pastor Knox sacrificed his salary to serve God. You can donate to his ministry by clicking here.

“And if your right hand causes you to sin,” said Jesus, “cut it off and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish, than for your whole body to be cast into hell” (Mat. 5:29).

This is not the first time a Midway officer has admitted to being influenced by the Midway Session. Former Ruling Elder W. Jackson described how he served as an arm of Senior Pastor David Hall to circumvent proper church government and participated in schemes to thwart actions that threatened his agenda.

It is true that the presbytery is investigating. But how many witnesses against the Session must pile up before the presbytery will do its duty and take action?


Reports from the January 2022 presbytery meeting suggest that Midway representatives were trying to bring a question about Knox’s credentials to the floor, but this lobbying effort was unsuccessful.

Afterwards, near the end of the presbytery meeting, Midway Senior Pastor David Hall was added to the credentials committee. The credentials committee, among other duties, oversees all matters regarding teaching elders like Knox and their continuing in good standing.

If Pastor Knox’s credentials are pulled or challenged for any reason, then questions need to be raised about Hall’s involvement in that committee, and if he engineered the decision to go after Knox’s credentials.

Watch the full episode below, and please be in prayer for Pastor Knox that the Lord watch over him. To donate to Knox’s ministry, click here.