With No Debate Allowed, David Hall Survives Vote to Retain

Midway votes to retain David Hall as Pastor of Midway Presbyterian Church with slightly more than two-thirds of the vote (69% to 31%).

The meeting took place at 9:45 this morning in lieu of Sunday School. Nobody but voting members were allowed in the old sanctuary where the meeting took place. Almost immediately upon calling the meeting to order, before the debate had started, a young deacon ran to the microphone to call the question to cut off debate. That motion passed with slightly more than the required two-thirds vote (279 out of 400 or 69%). After that, the ballot vote was taken and tallied by members of the Northwest Georgia Presbytery. The same percentage that voted for “no debate” also carried the vote to retain David Hall as Senior Pastor of Midway Presbyterian Church. The NWGP leadership handled the meeting in accordance with both the Book of Church Order and Robert’s Rules of Order.

The original petition that was to “discuss and vote” on the dissolution of the relationship with Pastor David Hall, was deemed out of order by the session when they illegally purge the rolls last week. Those members were reinstated by a judge on Friday. The meeting to “discuss and vote” that was requested by the now valid petition will now never be held and no discussion will ever take place with the congregation about the abuses at Midway.

It is not clear what the longtime members that opposed David Hall will do next. Many of those members have been at Midway since childhood. The Midway Guardian has learned that after the meeting, several longtime members were fellowshipping in the old sanctuary where many had worshipped for decades. However, in a sad move, the deacons insisted they leave.