Why Do the Authors at the Midway Guardian use Pseudonyms?

We have been called satanic, demonic, liars, and haters.  We have been called every vile name one could imagine. We have been threatened with all sorts of bodily injury, and that is from people that claim to be Christians.   Do you really blame us for using pseudonyms?

All we are trying to do is it shine the light of truth on the unjust actions of the Midway Session and provide information to the members of Midway PCA that they would not hear otherwise. We see this as a sacred responsibility to spread the word about members of the Session and pastoral staff that are abusing their God given authority by charging men in the Lord’s name unjustly.  As we have said before, if there is anything we write that is not true, please let us know and we will retract it.   Nobody has taken us up on that challenge yet.

Some have asked why we write using pseudonyms.  We receive scores of emails, most are favorable; but some are very threatening.   Like most of our readers, we have families and make no mistake, going public with our names would put a target on their backs.    We also have a policy not to release the names of those that send us articles and emails.  Exposing any of those names would put a target on their backs and their families’ backs. Our regular readers, and many in the church, are all too aware of what this session is willing to do to those that openly disagree with them.  And now they have enlisted many others to turn brother against brother by turning the names that signed the petition into an enemies lists.   We don’t like being anonymous, but at this point we have no choice.

We do need to make one thing clear.  Neither James Scott, Don Barnett, Clay David, Phil Dudt, nor Mic Knox are involved with this site.   They also do not know who owns this blog and they have certainly never funded it.   We have gone to great lengths to keep it that way.   They have been put through enough, so please do not hang this site around their necks.

We never expected more than a few interested members at Midway to read this blog.  However, we are receiving supporting emails from people throughout the denomination.   We will certainly have our articles read over 20,000 times this month.   Even if this site doesn’t help with the mess at Midway, we pray the information on The Midway Guardian may be helpful somewhere else where abuse abounds.