Watch – Exchanges About RPR Bringing NWGP Before the SJC at General Assembly 2022

The videos are posted and available online. Watch them here.

A clip from the Wednesday morning section of General Assembly is below. This video shows the RPR recommendation to cite NWGP to stand before the SJC.

Anyone who watches these segments will be informed on the issues and able to contend with anyone who has misunderstood them and tries to misrepresent to others what happened.

A timeline of crucial parts of the clip are posted beneath the video.

  • TE Dominic Aquila’s challenge to the moderator that the RPR recommendation to cite NWGP be ruled out of order at 0:17.
  • Moderator almost rules the point well taken at 2:15.
  • RE Jay Neikirk of the SJC rises to state the issues are different and the point of order cannot be well taken at 4:10.
  • Moderator postpones at 5:24.

During the Wednesday afternoon section, the discussion on RPR resumed. Beneath the video is a timeline of the crucial parts in this clip.

The crucial timestamps follow:

  • TE Dominic Aquila’s speech begins at 0:00.
  • TE Tifton’s speech against Aquila’s argument begins at 3:27..
  • Vote to sustain moderator’s decision against Aquila at 6:48 (Yes).
  • TE Tifton’s speech in favor of deleting the RPR recommendation to cite the NWGP at 9:07.
  • TE Jason Piland’s speech in favor of retaining the RPR recommendation to bring the NWGP before the SJC begins at 11:32.
  • Vote to strike RPR recommendation from report at 15:25 (No).
  • Aquila’s final plea at 16:22.
  • Vote to approve at 17:23 (No).

By voting to recommit the issue to RPR after the two “No” votes, it is as if the General Assembly was saying “Please review the details one more time and make sure there is no issue before returning it to us again next year.” This issue will continue to hang over the NWGP for another year.