SJC Panel: Northwest Georgia Presbytery Was “Clearly in Error” For Agreeing with Midway Session

It took 16 months to find men with integrity who acknowledged the bait-and-switch tactic used to convict RE Dudt…

As a reminder, the Session charged RE Dudt of violating their “express” will, but they convicted him of violating their implicit will.

How does any biblical system of justice allow that to happen?

The Midway Session thought this was perfectly acceptable. And so did the Northwest Georgia Presbytery.

But the SJC Panel set the record straight: this was a clear error.

The SJC Panel decision says:

7th specification of Presbytery error, Appellant alleges that Presbytery erred by not overturning RE Dudt’s conviction on the first specification of the indictment. Appellant alleges that he was indicted and convicted for lack of submission to the “express” will of the Session. He further alleges that Presbytery found only that RE Dudt had violated what they took to be the implied will of the Session, and, without warrant, found that supposed implication sufficient to convict.

This specification of error is sustained.

A Minute Explanatory. Presbytery’s substituting of implied will for express will is clearly in error. See Minute for the 4th specification of Session error.


The Midway Session clearly erred in its judgment, but the Northwest Georgia Presbytery, again, was blind to the Session’s error.

What good is this presbytery doing if it holds the door open so that a gross injustice such as this can slither through?