Read the SJC Panel Decision Here – RE Dudt vs NWGA Presbytery

The Midway Guardian has obtained the proposed SJC decision in the appeal of RE Dudt.

This is truly an incredible decision. The SJC Panel concurred with the RE Dudt defense team and sustained 14 errors made by the Midway Session and another 8 by the NWGA Presbytery. Phil Dudt only needed the panel to agree with one error in order to overturn the Session’s convicted and Phil had 22.

The judgment of the SJC Panel is as follows: “The decision of Midway Presbyterian Church and Northwest Georgia Presbytery are reversed in whole.  The SJC renders the decision that should have been rendered, to wit, not guilty.  RE Dudt is relieved of his conviction and censure, and is restored to the full exercise of his office.”

As we stated when we first broke the story yesterday, the decision now moves onto the full SJC where they will almost certainly concur. While we can find no precedent for a case of this nature being overturned by the full 24 man Standing Judicial Commission (at which point it will be final), we urge readers to continue in prayer until that final decision can be made.

Here is the SJC Panel Decision: