NO … Mic Knox Does Not Own or Operate the Midway Guardian!

TE Mic Knox has never been affiliated with this website.   TE Mic Knox has never written anything for this website.

The purpose of this website is to inform the congregation of Midway Presbyterian Church of the actions and events happening in its church. Here, members can monitor the actions of their leaders. The intent is to foster mutual accountability between elected church officers and the members under their care.

The Editorial Board of the Midway Guardian now apologizes to Pastor Knox for any grief he has received because of the Midway Guardian.

Having said that, we are bringing the truth to light at Midway Presbyterian Church. We believe it is our duty to continue to do exactly that.

Please watch Pastor Knox’s message from earlier today:

We here at the Guardian agree that we all need “Multiple Exposures to the Gospel”. We encourage all of you to continue, as we do, to pray for Mic’s ministry.