A Prayer for the Persecuted…

Unite your hearts and minds in this prayer for your church

“…The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much…”

For Your Persecuted Brothers

Lord, you are God, which has made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and all that in them is. We come before you with sincerity. We plead our case before you, the judge of the universe, to whom nothing is hidden, and to who knows the secret intentions of all men’s hearts, who by the mouth of thy servant David has said, ‘Why did the heathen rage, and the people imagine vain things?’

You have declared that the one whose walk is blameless, does what it righteous, speaks the truth, does no wrong to their neighbor, and honors those who fear the Lord will never be shaken. Therefore we unite our hearts in prayer for our persecuted brothers, Ruling Elders Philip Dudt, James Scott, Clay David, and Don Barnett. Strengthen their witness in the midst of profound injustice. Protect their wives and their families from the schemes of the evil one. We know you are able to uphold the weak and bring comfort in times of trial.

We thank you Father for the gifts our brothers have brought to Midway Presbyterian Church over the span of decades. We thank you for what these men represent. We thank you for who they are. We pray that you would rise up and defend them from those who persecute them. Arise and come to their aid. May the ones who pursue them be put to shame. May the plans of those who sought to insnare them without cause be frustrated. O Lord, you, and you alone are our, and our cherished brothers’, salvation. We will wait on your will. Hear our plea. It is just – on behalf of men who are most deserving of double honor.

For Your Dividing Church

Lord, your ways are not our ways. We pray for purity in your church that justice might represent the leadership at Midway Presbyterian Church once again. You promise us O Lord that you will destroy those who slander their neighbors, will not endure an arrogant heart, and that men who revile good behavior in Christ will be put to shame. In humility, knowing that you will demand an account of every careless word uttered, implore you to raise up your mighty arm, endowed with power, and show no restraint in the restoration of purity at your church – Midway Presbyterian Church. Vindicate those who have been wronged, those who all men know have for years boldly acclaimed you and have walked in the presence of your light. You are not mocked.

Spare us from deceitful lips. Silence any tongue that lies. Render to those in your church according to their deeds if there be any foul thing found within them harbored against their brothers whom you call us to love as you have loved us. We pray with faithful hearts that you might either humble or humiliate the proud in our midst. Expose false believers and false teachers, and give your people the discernment to know the difference. Open the eyes of your people most merciful Father.

Reclaim or expose those who invent specks in the eyes of their brothers, while their own beams are blinding. Give no rest to those who are in sin and perpetrate wrong upon their brothers. If they be your people, draw them back to you in most beautiful repentance. You are their salvation as well Holy Father. If any in sit in the counsel of the wicked at Midway Presbyterian Church, remove the blinders of deceit from their eyes.

Your mercy endures forever.

For Yourself

How long O Lord? Come and wipe the tears from every eye. Lord, give me faith to live in the knowledge that you answer prayer. You are sovereign over all things, even the division that has been unleashed by the evil one at Midway Presbyterian Church. Make me bold and courageous to stand up for what is right. Help me oppose wickedness in my midst. Give me a discerning ear that I might know when what I hear is false or not from you. Give me wisdom. Guard my heart from judging by appearances, but rather help me judge with right judgment. Expose every hidden thing, every lie uttered.

Help me hold fast to what is true. You are the God of truth and you abhor falsehood. Show me how I might bless my brothers who are persecuted and their families. Give me words to pray for those who have persecuted them knowing that He that is able to keep me from stumbling, can work miracles and draw all men to repentance and restoration. Make me a bold instrument in your hand that, if it be your will, I might do my part to restore purity and peace at Midway Presbyterian Church.