24 Hours Since Their Defeat and Nothing But Silence From the Midway Session

No apologies, no announcements. No nothing so far…

If they follow their historical patterns, David Hall’s session will not issue any apologies for the miscarriage of justice they have been found guilty of perpetrating against RE Dudt.

If they stick to the spin they started when the proposed decision was released, then they will say that they just see things differently. “Your Session and Northwest Georgia Presbytery honestly saw things very differently from this higher court.”

But over 24 hours have passed since the final decision was issued and RE Dudt’s restoration became binding. The Midway Session has not issued any communication whatsoever. The day the proposed decision was released, the Session began sending emails to church members that very evening, less than 12 hours afterward.

But this time, they remain silent for some reason.

This is very different from RE Dudt’s trial. Within mere hours of convicting him in November of 2020, they were very quick to publicly announce his guilt and censure.

They are obviously not equally eager to publicly announce his innocence and restoration to office.