Teaching Elder at Midway Warns Against “Abusive Pastors”

Teaching Elder Mic Knox recently warned against the “Abusive Pastor” on the on March 22, 2021 edition of his Spiritual Fitness Show.

Pastor Knox expounded on a key characteristic of abusive pastors – their need for your submission. He expounded on misinterpretations of Hebrews 13 regarding submission and how abusive pastors use this Scripture as an appeal to authority to maintain control.

These themes are also expounded upon in the context of Michael Kruger’s recent series on “Spiritual Abuse”. Pastor Knox exhorted abusive pastors to acknowledge that true authority rests with Christ and that pastors should seek to serve their flock as opposed to seeking to control them.

You can see the entire Spiritual Fitness Show from March 22, 2021 to hear Pastor Knox’s full remarks in the video below: