Stated Session Meeting Minutes of March 15, 2021

A summary of the minutes is presented below. A full and complete copy can be requested from the Session stated clerk.

Opening business and actions

A season of prayer was led by RE Scott beginning at 7:00 pm.  
The deacons joined the Session at 7:30 pm for the joint meeting, a quorum was declared, the meeting was opened in prayer, and the docket was approved.  
TE Knox led the meeting with a devotion from Psalm 103.
Minutes from 01-18-2021 and 02-15-2021 were reviewed and approved.  

The deacons entered and presented the monthly financial report and provided other updates. Several session committee reports were then presented, including

  • ACTS Committee
  • Assimilation
  • Christian Education
  • Missions
  • MCCS
  • Staff report (TE Hall) – Noted that The Men of the Covenant breakfast will resume the fourth Sunday in June; and by common consent, it was agreed that elders will be assigned to serve communion and lead in prayer for the pm service for three consecutive months according classes, starting in May with the most-recently elected. 
  • Prayer Committee
  • Reports from two elders on their shepherding groups

The discipline committee then reported, as the minutes note:

RE Barnett read a personal letter to the Session that he had written in response to the Session’s resolution approved in the 3-08-21 called meeting.

A motion was made, seconded, and approved to enter executive session to discuss RE Barnett’s letter. Upon arising from executive session, the Session approved by common consent two motions it had adopted while in executive session: 

- At the April stated meeting, RE David and RE Scott will respond to the Session’s 3-08-21 Resolution. 

- RE Barnett will forward his letter of response to the Stated clerk of the General Assembly. 

Representatives to the Northwest Georgia Presbytery were appointed:

TE Hall made a motion to approve the following representatives to presbytery: RE Whitaker, RE Richardson, and RE Fish. As alternates, the following men will serve as representative: RE Dewhurst, RE Knight, RE Hawley. The motion was seconded and approved.  

One final point worth noting:

The Midway clerk reported that any Session member is free to request ongoing communication regarding the appeal of the case Midway Session v. RE Dudt.