Midway Session Votes Down RE James Scott’s “Motion for Peace”

A plea to put aside divisiveness was rejected…

Longest serving Elder James Scott attempted to convince the majority of the Midway Session that it would be wise to lay aside the many divisive issues engulfing the Session until the higher courts rule on the two complaints, one appeal, and 40-5 matter before them.

The majority of the Session chose not to take his advice and voted against the motion for peace.

Here is the motion Elder Scott presented:

Whereas, there has been an extended time in which complaints, a trial and other actions that have occurred that have caused disagreements and division among the Midway Session; and

Whereas, there has been a considerable amount of time, energy and resources that have been expended due to the aforementioned matters; and

Whereas, these distractions have caused the Midway Session to lessen its focus upon its primary ministries of spreading the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ locally, nationally, and worldwide and edifying the saints at Midway; and

Whereas, all has been said that could be, or needed to be, said about the aforementioned disagreements;

Now therefore, be it resolved that the Midway Session will lay these divisive matters aside, renew its focus upon its primary ministries, allowing the courts of the church to render their decisions in their due time and rather place more of its time and effort on its primary ministry of spreading the Gospel locally, nationally and internationally and edifying the saints at Midway.