“Elders Are to Rule and Pastors Are to Preach”

Reverend Benjamin Glase recently authored an article in which he argues that “the church is weak, because she has failed to deal vigorously with matters related to function as well as form.”

Glase rightly argues that what we believe about our form of church government matters. Pursuing the purity that flows forth from adherence to Presbyterian polity should be something every member of Midway pursues.

Understanding, upholding, and seeking to protect our form of church government is the critical duty of every member of the church having taken vows to this end (see PCA Book of Church Order (BCO) 57-5). Glase expounds on this saying:

“A large part of ministry is carefully dividing the word of truth. Giving over the study of ecclesiology as unnecessary gives place to the twin enemies of pragmatism and ecclesiastical bullying. Careful, nuanced understanding makes good neighbors and protects the flock. If you think this kind of thing shouldn’t move the needle then you are not just wrong, but dreadfully so. A true minister in Christ’s Church is a churchman and should be readily concerned with its organization and operation. As an aside here ministers and elders who make a habit of skipping ecclesiastical meetings need a good dose of the 2×4 of the Holy Spirit. If we are Presbyterians then we need to be committed to our Form of Government and defend it by our presence, as much as by our confession.”

You can read Glase’s entire article on this topic here.